Male Diagnosis

The first test for male infertility is usually an analysis of the sperm and semen. We assess the man’s sperm count, their shape, movement, and other variables. This can be done in a number of methods:


If damage to one or both of the vas deferens (the ducts in the male that transport the sperm to the penis) is known or suspected, an x-ray is taken to examine the organs. X-radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation used as a diagnostic imaging tool.

Mucus Penetrance Test

Test of whether the man’s sperm are able to swim through a drop of the woman’s fertile vaginal mucus on a slide (also used to test the quality of the woman’s mucus).

Hamster-Egg Penetrance Assay

Test of whether the man’s sperm will penetrate hamster egg cells with their outer cells removed, indicating somewhat their ability to fertilize human eggs.

If there are no apparent abnormalities in the sperm, further testing may be needed.

Other Testing Includes:

  • physical examination
  • hormone evaluation
  • genetic testing